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LMX is the top-tier ecommerce and fulfillment solution. Lowe-Martin, with over a century of experience, is the trusted partner for streamlining the marketing and sales supply chain of top-tier brands.

Over 100 years of innovation


Fully secure data, staff, and facilities


High quality, secured services in print, kitting, warehousing, and distribution


Reducing the cost of communications


Experts in marketing, gifting, promotional items, kitting, and fulfillment 



Diverse lines of business including US fulfillment partnerships


White glove customer service


Fully-integrated production



230,000+ sq. ft of GMP, MDEL certified facility space across Canada 

Our Products

Our platforms are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with our full-service fulfillment and warehouse operation, providing you with a truly connected experience.

Virtual Brand-Assistant

our most popular platform, ready for LOT & expiration management, document customization and Single-Sign-On  

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configured for financial services and ready for NI 81-105 and other OSC regulations  

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Custom LMX

configure our LMX platform to meet your specific industry or company business requirements.   

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primary order and inventory management system that integrates with your ecommerce platform of choice and allows you to sell products on popular ecommerce marketplaces while maintaining 1 inventory of record 

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Virtual Brand Assistant

Why Choose LMX Virtual Brand Assistant?

Compliance and Efficiency Aligned

Seamlessly integrate regulatory compliance into your operations for peace of mind.

Built-In Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance seamlessly integrates into the platform.

Operational Streamlining

Centralize marketing assets, control inventory, and reduce handling costs for enhanced efficiency.

Brand Consistency

Reinforce brand standards across all products to build a strong and unified brand presence.

Intuitive Platform for Field Teams

Empower field sales and marketing teams with an intuitive platform for enhanced control and productivity.

Success Amplified

Let LMX Virtual Brand Assistant empower your business to reach new heights of success in your industry.

Experience the future of excellence with LMX Virtual Brand Assistant – Where Precision, Compliance, and Success Converge. 


Discover how the pharmaceutical industry is harnessing the power of VBA to optimize their marketing and patient programs

LMX Financial

Why Choose LMX for Financial Services?

Regulatory Confidence

Compliance with NI 81-105 effortlessly integrated into your financial workflows.

Efficiency Tailored to Finance

Benefit from a fast, intuitive, and powerful online ordering experience designed for financial materials.

Precision in Inventory Management

Optimize your supply chain with comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of financial services.

Expertise in Financial Print Production

Access full-service print production specialized in Litho, Digital, and Variable printing for financial documents.

Innovative Strategies for Financial Brands

Ideate and implement creative gifting and promotional solutions that resonate with financial professionalism.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Leverage web-based reporting tools for actionable insights.

Experience the tailored excellence of LMX for Financial Services – Where Compliance Meets Precision in Supply Chain Management.

Custom LMX

Why Custom LMX?

Tailored Supply Chain Management

Customize LMX to meet the specific needs of your promotional, marketing, and gifting supply chains.

Built-In Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance seamlessly integrates into the platform.

Efficiency and Speed

Benefit from a fast, intuitive, and powerful online ordering experience.

Comprehensive Printing Solutions

Access full-service print production, including Litho, Digital, and Variable printing.

Innovative Gifting Strategies

Ideate and implement creative gifting and promotional solutions.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Leverage web-based reporting tools for actionable insights.

Discover the flexibility and efficiency of Custom LMX – Where Your Supply Chain Management is Tailored to Perfection.



Why Choose Marketplace-INT with LMX?

Seamless Integration

Connect effortlessly with your existing ecommerce systems for a hassle-free integration process.

Optimized Fulfillment

Enjoy the efficiency of Marketplace-INT for streamlined fulfillment and shipping processes.

Platform Autonomy

Maintain full control over your ecommerce platform while benefiting from LMX's fulfillment expertise.

Industry-Leading Fulfillment Center

Entrust your orders to LMX's best-in-class fulfillment center for exceptional service.

Cost-Efficient Shipping

Access competitive shipping rates to maximize savings and enhance your bottom line.

Elevate your ecommerce fulfillment experience with Marketplace-INT by LMX – Where Control Meets Efficiency in Ecommerce Operations.

A trusted partner to the best

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

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  • “Lowe-Martin is always willing to make improvements and adapt to Organon's requirements and needs. Lowe-Martin's services far exceed anything we had experienced in the past with previous vendors.” 

  • “we could not ask for a better partner than LMG.  The LMG team made the migration as easy as possible and were attentive to ensure a smooth go live date.” 


LMX can help your business thrive 

Discover the future of compliance management with LMX Financials demo video. Experience firsthand how our cutting-edge solutions can transform your marketing and compliance strategy, offering unparalleled efficiency and insight.


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